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The Raven

Technically in Darnhall, the Raven Inn is situated at the far end of Swanlow Lane between Winsford and Church Minshull. Since 2007 the pub has been closed. Here is a photograph of the pub during that year, showing it in its better days.

the raven 2007

The name Raven comes from the Corbett family, long time residents of Darnhall Hall and upon whose family crest was a raven. The hall was sold to the Verdin family in the late 1800s and was demolished around 1950.

The pub is believed to be one of the oldest in Vale Royal. It used to be a gamekeeper’s cottage but was mentioned as an alehouse in Weaver Township, an older name for Darnhall, in 1631.

The licensee on this date was John Robinson and in those long gone days the customer base would have been the surrounding farms and travellers on the ancient Over to Nantwich Road.

In 2009 plans were made to turn the premises into an Indian Restaurant but these plans were never realised and this once thriving pub continues to decline.

raven darnhall

In September 2013 it was revealed that a squatter was living in the pub.