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Verdin Exchange

This is a great photo, taken in the early 2000s, I think.


The picture shows the Verdin Exchange which was built in 1895 as Verdin Technical School which eventually became Winsford Verdin Grammar School.

These days the buildings are used as bases for businesses.

The land behind it now includes a nursery. There are also football pitches and the fair visits there every year. In the picture taken, there are some travellers.

As you move up the picture you will see Winsford Fire Station and the Cheshire Fire Headquarters.

You can see the River Weaver at the top left.

On the right of the picture you’ll see the Civic Hall and the junction which was upgraded (at a cost of £2.5million, in 2012. It too five months.

Verdin Brine Baths, Rilshaw Lane

The Verdin Brine Baths were situated on Rilshaw Lane, almost exactly where the bridge over the Station Road Bypass is now.

winsford brine baths 70s or 80s

The baths opened in 1934. A huge fundraising effort was mounted by Winsford’s population of 11,000 to build a new pool, but this did not materialise until 1934 when, at a cost of £879, the Verdin Open Air Brine Baths opened in Rilshaw Lane. The baths closed in the 1970s. You can read more here.

John Bishop, who spent part of his childhood in Winsford, wrote about the traumatic death of a boy in the brine baths in 1974 in his autobiography ‘How Did All This Happen?’

The Winsford Swimming Baths on The Drumber opened in 1974 and these were replaced by the Winsford Lifestyle Centre in 2009. You can read more about the swimming baths in Winsford here.