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High Street and Winsford Town Centre



A great picture showing the High Street, the Civic Hall and Town Centre.

At the bottom left you can see Mid Cheshire College and as you follow the road up you’ll notice Winsford High Street School on the left, Foodcraft and then Queens Court retail park and Kwik Fit.

You’ll see the gas tower at the top in the middle.

At the bottom of the picture you’ll notice the Civic Hall which was demolished in 2013.

At the front of the town centre it appears to be Choices Video Rentals which closed in approximately 2006.

Town Centre


This is a fantastic picture. It shows the town in the mid-Nineties.

In the foreground you can see Well Street, Lower Haigh Street and Overdene Road. The large building at the lower left of the picture is a care home, Overdene House.

At the left of the picture you can see Aldi which was built in the first half of the Nineties. You can also see the Queens Arms (now a Wetherspoons, but not then).

At the right of the picture you can see Dene Drive. Above it you’ll notice the old Winsford Swimming Baths. The Winsford Lifestyle Centre was built on the car park behind it. Above that you’ll see Wyvern House. This was built in the early 1990s.

At the top of the picture you’ll see Morrisons which was built in the early Nineties.

In the middle of the picture you can see the Town centre. This has largely been unchanged externally since it was built. But there is one significant difference. The multi-storey car park was demolished in the 2000s and replaced with a new one and a row of modern shops including Argos.

Here’s a slightly different angle:



Asda in Winsford is currently having some renovation works.

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It seems a good idea to think about the history of the store.

The town centre was built in the 1970s and the town’s first large supermarket was constructed as part of the new venture. It opened on Tuesday 14th September, 1976.

The first supermarket chain to move in was Fine Fare. The first manager was Mr Robert Taylor.

Fine Fare was purchased by the Somerfield chain of supermarkets in 1986 and these new stores were rebranded Gateway.

In turn, Gateway was purchased by Asda in 1989. During this year the store was turned into an Asda store.

The history of the store since then is hard to find online. But from memory there have been many changes to the store over the years including: expanding George, children’s play centre, cafe, photo centre, pharmacy and garden centre to name just a few.

The current renovations will have a remodelled George clothing department, the pharmacy will move to where the Photo Centre was, and an opticians will open in the space vacated by the pharmacy. Other rearranging will take place in some of the aisles.

In August 2016, four members of staff celebrated 40 years each of working at the store.

Part of a flyer to advertise the original store’s opening.

Fords Of Winsford

These days, Fords Of Winsford is often the main reason that people have even heard of Winsford. The TV and radio adverts attract massive amounts of visitors to the car supermarket on Weaver Valley Road which will have a knock on effect for other businesses in the town. In fact, FOW generated over £200million of sales in their most recent accounts.


The business began in 1959 in Holmes Chapel. Farmer Vernon Ford started selling used cars from his dairy farm. As the business grew by the 1980s it was ready for massive expansion. Ford’s son, Paul, and son-in-law Graham Bell, had joined the business and they identified a site in Winsford which offered room for 700 cars. The site was on Wharton Road on the site which was recently vacated by Car Transplants on the corner of Wharton Road and Nat Lane. It opened in 1987.

fow fow3

In 1996 it was time to move again. A site across from Morrisons, on the old Winsford Common-land, was available. Other businesses had set up there (Wharton Park ‘Brewers Fayre’, Arnold Clark and Focus DIY) but the Fords Of Winsford site would dwarf these. It was 14-acre purpose-built site. It remains there today but signs have been erected to show they have acquired land in order to expand even further.


You can read more about the history of Fords Of Winsford here.