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Verdin Exchange

This is a great photo, taken in the early 2000s, I think.


The picture shows the Verdin Exchange which was built in 1895 as Verdin Technical School which eventually became Winsford Verdin Grammar School.

These days the buildings are used as bases for businesses.

The land behind it now includes a nursery. There are also football pitches and the fair visits there every year. In the picture taken, there are some travellers.

As you move up the picture you will see Winsford Fire Station and the Cheshire Fire Headquarters.

You can see the River Weaver at the top left.

On the right of the picture you’ll see the Civic Hall and the junction which was upgraded (at a cost of ¬£2.5million, in 2012. It too five months.

High Street and Winsford Town Centre



A great picture showing the High Street, the Civic Hall and Town Centre.

At the bottom left you can see Mid Cheshire College and as you follow the road up you’ll notice Winsford High Street School on the left, Foodcraft and then Queens Court retail park and Kwik Fit.

You’ll see the gas tower at the top in the middle.

At the bottom of the picture¬†you’ll notice the Civic Hall which was demolished in 2013.

At the front of the town centre it appears to be Choices Video Rentals which closed in approximately 2006.

Abnormal Loads

During October 2014 two abnormal loads made their way through the town using the A54 on their way from Holmes Chapel to Ellesmere Port Docks. A third made its way through the town on 2nd November 2014 on its way to Ellesmere Port.

October 5th 2014

October 18th 2014

The A54, the main thoroughfare for traffic in Winsford, is one of the suitable routes for abnormal loads in Cheshire West and Chester.

Lower High Street

2014-06-30 19.03.09This picture shows the lower High Street in the 1970s and it shows how much the town has changed since. Within a few years all of the buildings on both sides of the road would be one.

The buildings on the left stand where the Mid-Cheshire College overspill car park is now. Lorries now frequently park on the road at the front of the picture as this is now a dead end at the bottom of the Old High Street. Not far from where the lady is walking is now the entrance to the subway under the new High Street (the A54). Of course, in recent years a pedestrian crossing over the top of the subway rendering the subway pretty pointless.

Also on the left you can see the old post office which became a Woolworths, the Greedy Pig, the Lighthouse chip shop and then was left derelict for years. It was bull-dozed in 2014 and the land is now up for sale for development.

At the top left of the centre of the picture you can see the town bridge and the Red Lion – still a busy pub. The buildings opposite which you can just see a little glimpse of have gone completely.

You can see the Top House at the top of the photo (still there). But the white building at the top centre-left of the picture has gone. However I don’t know what that is.