Telegraph Garage, Delamere Street

This picture shows the Telegraph Garage on Delamere Street in 1985.2014-11-28 20.20.47


For around three decades (as far as I know) there were two garages on Delamere Street. One was the Dickinson Bros. Shell Garage opposite Saxons at the beginning of the road. This continues to thrive with a large Spar shop accompanying it.

The other was, for a long time the Telegraph garage. This garage was busy as Delamere Street was for a long time one of the main routes out of the town. The Delamere Street bypass section of the A49 was built at the end of the 1980s and suddenly the garage was no longer on the main road – it would now start to miss out on passing traffic.

During the 1990s the garage became a Shell garage! There were now two Shell garages on the same road. It was still known locally as the Telegraph garage and it was until its demise in around the year 2009 when it finally shut its doors, unable to compete any longer with the very busy Shell/Spar station up the road, and the cheaper petrol at Morrisons at the other end of town.

The forecourt now seems to be use as a car park. On site there is also Winsford MOT Centre and a shop called the Wonky Shed. It seems like a prime site for some houses to be built at some point as this is a relatively large piece of land in the middle of Winsford!


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