Winsford Town Centre 1979

winsford town centre 1979263


Wow – how much has this scene changed since 1979?

Wyvern House?

The multi-storey car park has now gone.

The building in the bottom centre has gone.

The car park on the bottom right is a different shape.

Is that Scarlets next to the Queens?

The Civic Hall has gone!

2 thoughts on “Winsford Town Centre 1979

  1. The cinema is the distance is no longer a cinema, changed to a bingo hall, have no idea today as left Winsford a long time ago!

    1. so much has changed not all for the better sadly. The cinema/bingo is standing in disrepair now, the building nxt to the queens was the labour club at that point in 1979. The building over the road from the civic was the rent office

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