Market Place

2014-07-01 21.06.26I can’t quite place the time that this picture was taken – but it does prove one thing – de.bees hasn’t always been there after all! The picture shows in its place the market place which the bar’s address is named after.

The Red Lion is clearly visible on the right and the town bridge.

Thankfully the factories have disappeared and the buildings on the left of the bridge which is now a beautiful nature area by the Weaver.

The road layout has remained quite similar, although, of course, a one-way system exists.


2 thoughts on “Market Place

  1. The Royal Oak that is now de bees cannot be seen on this pic as it is situated off picture to the left, you can see its perimeter fencing left of the pic. The land between The Oak and The Red Lion had been cleared with demolision of the 3 pubs and shop that were situated there.

  2. I recall that the building right on the river’s edge, on the opposite bank from view, next to the bridge used to be (in the 70’s) Mr Smith’s “gentlemen’s club”.
    As a nipper I always wanted to sneak in there!

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